Scam Texts

Please be aware of a new scam impacting Android users called ‘Flubot’ –

This is a text-message scam that infects Android phones and is spreading across the UK. The message – which pretends to be from a package delivery firm, prompts users to install a tracking app – but is actually a malicious piece of spyware.  Crucially, it can take over devices and spy on phones to gather sensitive data, including things such as sensitive work data or online banking details.

The text can be seen below:

Example of scam text

Users of Apple devices are not currently at risk, although the scam text messages may still redirect them to a scam website which may to steal your personal and company information.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have advised what to do in the event users have downloaded the app here.

It is recommended that users ignore the message and delete the message.