Meet the Team

The Capel Neighbourhood Plan Working Party was established in June 2020 by Capel Parish Council. The Parish Council is part of our English government, with nine councillors elected by voters on the electoral role in Capel. You can find out more about their responsibilities and structure here.

The Neighbourhood Plan Working Party’s Terms of Reference can be read here.

So far…

One of the Working Party’s first actions was to draft a questionnaire which was hand delivered to all local households during August. 24% of Capel residents filled in the questionnaire. This is an excellent result (responses to this type of thing are usually much lower). The questionnaire was worded neutrally, to get a fair and clear picture of the things that concern people living in Capel, as well as things that make us happy!

A preparatory document called A Vision for Capel was then written, based on the questionnaire responses. This is the first stage in formulating a Neighbourhood Plan to ensure local input into planning decisions affecting the Parish of Capel. Some interesting infographics of the results can be found here.

All residents and business owners in Capel are very welcome to join the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party.

Members and Partners

Capel Parish Council is working with the Capel Greenbelt Protection Society and Save Capel to develop the Vision for Capel, as preserving the Greenbelt was a key finding from the initial questionnaire.

The members of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party are (in alphabetical order by surname):

  • Hilary Andrews
  • Robert and Lynn Assirati (Capel Path Rangers)
  • Peter Darbyshire
  • Maggie Fenton (Capel Parish Council Vice Chair, Save Capel Executive)
  • David Parrish (Neighbourhood Planning Vice Chair, Capel Greenbelt Society Chair)
  • Hugh Patterson (Capel Parish Council Chair, Neighbourhood Planning Chair)
  • Charles Mackonochie (Capel Parish Council)
  • Trevor Sawyer (Capel Parish Council)
  • Louise Goldsmith Parish Clerk (for support)

With thanks to Robin Hollamby for his kind permission to use his beautiful photographs of the Parish of Capel in this website.