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Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

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The government is encouraging local people to shape and influence development where they live and work. This is a community-led process; Neighbourhood Planning. Capel needs your voice today, to help build better for tomorrow. A Neighbourhood Planning group has started working on a plan for Capel. We hope you enjoy reading the first document to be produced, A Vision for Capel, and would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved.


We Love Where We Live

The Parish of Capel is a great place to live. We want to make sure it stays that way and, over time, gets better for young and old, parents and children, workers and residents alike.

​We need a Neighbourhood Plan because there are a number of pressures on the area which need to be shaped and controlled. We want homes that are affordable for our teachers, nurses, and other key workers. We want our children to be able to afford to stay here and for our elderly residents to be able to downsize and stay in their communities. We want our roads to be safe and transport to be clean and well used. We want flooding to be a thing of the past and to keep our green spaces for everyone to enjoy, preserving the Greenbelt and our rural heritage.

We are a small, vibrant community, confident of our identity and proud of where we live.

Who Cares?

We do!… and we’re pretty sure that you do too. Meet the Team and have a look at our Plan and Results to directly influence the development of Five Oak Green, Whetsted, the hamlet of Capel, Crockhurst Street, Sherenden, Tudeley Hale, Somerhill Stud, Bouncers Bank, Tudeley, Postern, Castle Hill and all the bits in between! We’re on a mission to get our Neighbourhood Plan completed as soon as we can. Don’t be shy and don’t delay, tell us what you think today! The full preparatory document is here and we’re going to work hard, together, to develop it further.

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The Neighbourhood Plan can outline improvements required to infrastructure including education, medical and dental facilities, transport, water, sewerage, broadband & phone signals.

Tractor ploughing

Let’s find ways to reduce traffic speed and the volume of cars, build safe crossings and suggest better bus, cycle and walking routes to Paddock Wood and Tonbridge.


Understanding residents’ views on the number of houses being built (up to 500 in the next 15 years preferred by the majority of questionnaire responses), their size and design is critical to our thriving community.

Our vision

Our vision is to further improve flood measures and defences to mitigate flood risks and for flood mitigation and prevention to be pro-active and not reactive. The community would like to work with Kent County Council, the Environment Agency, the South East River Trust, Southern Water, Kent Highways, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and any other agencies involved in flood prevention. We are ready and willing to step in to supplement and complement the agencies’ support.

Our vision is to avoid changing the Greenbelt boundary and to ensure the most sustainable options are chosen for housing development. Capel residents want sustainable development for local needs; medium 2 to 3 bedroom, and small 1 to 2 bedroom homes. Most were prepared to see some development (1-500 houses) to be built on small scale sites around Five Oak Green or on brown field sites across the Parish.

Our vision is for residents to be able to go about their daily lives and work both within the parish and outside of it without the need to use a car and for our roads to be quieter and safer for all users.

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