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Following the news of the housing and infrastructure proposals under the Tunbridge Wells Local Plan 2016-36 a website and blog has been set up by local residents for those interested in protecting the parish from this scale of development.

N.B The views expressed on the site do not necessarily reflect those of the Parish Council

It can be found at:

3 thoughts on “Save Capel website

  1. England has the least wooded country in Europe with only 17% or so to compere France with 33%.It would be more intelligent to plant more trees than to built so many houses. so Everyone will benefit from it.

  2. Capel and Tudeley have an outstanding level of flora and fauna, and also contain a high percentage of prime agricultural land. This is a perfect example of symathetic farming working in harmony with nature, and has been like this for hundreds of years through generations of farmers, and local expertise. The impact of this amount of house development will have a devastating effect on the local enviroment, not to mention the local infastructure, which, quite simply, would not be able to cope. There are already existing areas in the borough that need or could be redeveloped to address the need for extra housing. I also think TWBC need to question the government regarding the sheer quantity of housing that it has deemed possible in our area

    1. We really need to save our fields and natural beauty surrounding us . People enjoy living in this community because they enjoy village life , building this new village will take away so much , wildlife will suffer more congestion on roads , schools and healthcare will also suffer .
      A big NO is our view .

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