General Information

As a parish council, Capel is part of the lowest tier of English local government, but also the one closest to its residents. There are nine councillors elected by voters on the electoral role in Capel. We are one of around 9 000 parish and town councils throughout the country.


Our direct responsibilities include the Recreation Ground, the allotments in Five Oak Green and the Memorial Cottages, as well as the maintenance of other small structures round the parish such as the water trough in Tudeley. We have also provided the defibrillators in the old phone box in Tudeley, at Capel Primary school, and the cricket pavilion

We also represent local opinion in our dealings with other government bodies including Tunbridge Wells Borough and Kent County councils, and the Rt. Hon. Greg Clark MP. We are a statutory consultee on planning applications, and these are regularly dealt with by our planning committee. The Parish Council Flood Committee also deals with the Environment Agency that maintains the Alders Stream as a critical watercourse, Southern Water, South East Water and Kent Highways.

[NB for the viewers of the ‘Vicar of Dibley’: the Parish Council represents the civil parish of Capel, it has nothing directly to do with church or ecclesiastical parish of Capel, although the boundaries of both are almost the same]