Parish Chairmans Notes December 2023

Parish Chairman’s Notes December 2023

The most important issue in the parish this month is TWBC’s response to the Inspector’s Initial letter on the Submission Local Plan. [Please see Borough Councillor’s Report in this issue for a detailed explanation]. The Parish Council are due to discuss the Significant Changes to the Plan at its meeting on 27th November; a summary of the discussion and the way forward will be included next month, but clearly the deletion of Tudeley ‘Garden Village’ if it is agreed by Borough councillors will be welcomed by most residents.

At the same meeting (though not part of the TW Local Plan) the council is also due to formulate its response to the Rydon Homes proposal for Finches Farm that the developers put out to community consultation in November.

The Capel Neighbourhood Plan is now with the examiner, Andrew Ashcroft, who was appointed in October. (He was also the examiner for the Paddock Wood NP which was approved by a referendum in September) He was due to respond with his initial thoughts by November 20th. The parish council Neighbourhood Plan Working Party will then be able to respond and clarify any issues with him. He is expected to finish his work by February.

The toilets on the recreation have now been upgraded and modernised following the grant received from TWBC. We are planning on renewing the front doors as part of this upgrade and work on that should take place shortly.

On highway issues –

  1. KCC have approved the idea of at least two chicanes (the Parish council are pressing for three) on the B2017 as a traffic calming measure – a crossing not being considered viable. KCC are looking at the Local Transport Funding Scheme to finance the cost which is expected to be in the region of £100K if this bid is not successful the parish council will need to look at alternative sources of funding.
  2. The Parish council are to finance a Speed Interactive Device (SID), at a cost of around £10k following the questionnaire we put out. Residents responded with a 93% approval for the scheme. CPC was required to consult before KCC would give permission for the scheme to proceed (even though it is being funded by the parish!)
  3. CPC are still intending to proceed with the funding for the 40mph speed limit in Alders Road within next year’s budget. This another highway project for which we need permission from Kent Highways, but have to fund as a parish.

The Capel Parish Council would like to wish all our residents a happy and enjoyable Christmas.


Hugh Patterson